My view of my future in 2018

Hello all. I’m going to keep this brief since I have been very busy in my “real world” life. All I’m going to do is give you a list of goals for 2018. There will be ten (10) of these goals out of a longer list, so here goes (insignificant or not as much to others). See you in 2018.

  1. Having a residence of my own
  2. Having only one smartphone number and one basic phone number
  3. Focusing on fewer than five fantasy hockey teams
  4. Being more physically active daily
  5. Having two spare smartphones and two spare basic phones
  6. Being more fluent in French (and possibly Spanish)
  7. Strengthening and relearning my calculus and computer programming skills
  8. Listening to the radio more than watching TV
  9. Playing tennis again
  10. Being able to improve with my interaction with more people socially

Until next time,

Andrew Bond


My view on Mother’s Day 2017

Hello again, all. First, I would like to wish all of the moms out there a “Happy Mother’s Day” today. Now, I would like to focus this post on one certain mom (actually, stepmother) who is a good friend whom I had met more than eight years ago. I’m going to refer to her in this post as “VW,” which will represent her initials from middle and maiden names. Yep, those initials may make you think Volkswagen, but I wouldn’t put it past her for getting one if she wanted one.

To give you a brief description of her, she has degrees in math and art education, and she has been married to her second (and current) husband for more than 15 years. VW doesn’t have any biological kids of her own, but she has one step-daughter and two step-sons. Additionally, being the animal lover that VW is, she now also has 5 cats, two dogs, and a bird. At one time, VW had up to 7 cats. She loves all of them as if they were her own biological kids.

Back to when I met VW, we were both math teachers at the same high school for one year. She was and still is a very good teacher who has taught me how to be a better person in the long run. As a side note, we both left that school after that one year. VW gave me advice as to handle certain situations in the workplace. Additionally, she also gave me advice how to deal with certain types of people to make everything go as smoothly as possible. I’m one of those people who can be blunt at times if I feel that it is needed. Thinking about it now, she was right that I needed to work on my “people” skills, especially with teenagers and other adults who didn’t have certain traits that I have or have had. VW also acknowledged that I can work in any environment where there is a sense of stability and consistency, but she noticed that I had to work on my “soft” skill set that involved people to improve my life in the long run. For that, I thank VW for her speaking about this, which actually worked when we were coworkers and still works today in all parts of my life.

In closing, I want to say that VW is a great example of a woman who can be a mother to children who are biologically nor hers. She is also someone who has been a great role model for those who have been around her during her life. There will some people who may call her “Mom,” but I won’t be one of those people. Instead, I will call her “surrogate big sister.” Either way, I will like to keep in touch with VW, just to see how things are going with her and that she is happy. Take care.

Until next time,

Andrew Bond

My view on health (1)

Today, I have to admit that I went to the ER yesterday, and that is something I hope not to do again anytime soon. As you would guess (more than likely correctly), I’m not at work where I am resting today; I may even take Wednesday off, but that would depend on how I feel. It turns out that I had undergone dizziness due to dehydration. As I have promised myself, I will be making some lifestyle changes so that I can live a healthier and longer life. Given my age being in the late 30’s, I know that I will have to make them and take them seriously.

First, I will be drinking more water than I have in my life. I have been drinking more water into my adulthood, but I feel that I need to drink water where I know that I have more than 64 ounces going through my body without question. The only drinks outside of water that I may drink are sweet tea, ginger ale, fruit punch, orange juice, and lemonade. Those drinks will be only with some meals with water where I’m trying to see if I can wean towards more water; additionally, I will make myself carry a bottle of water with me at all times to make sure that I do have something to drink. Second, I will be walking a bit more often as if I am not doing that already for my weight loss goal. Third, I will be watching what and how much I eat now; I have been cooking more often, but I will reduce my fried food intake as much as possible. I will be focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables, which should help me, given my family history. I won’t talk more in detail about that, but that emergency room visit was enough for me to think long as to what I need to do and force myself to actually do it.

Now, I’m going to prepare my lunch with water and tea. That lunch will more than likely be chicken pot pie with vegetables, given that today is “Pi Day.” If you have someone who needs to make some changes to improve his or her health, you can help them as much as they ask for it. In other words, if that person doesn’t ask for help, then do not help until that person asks for help and is serious about it. It has worked for me, and things get better when I do ask for help. Well, that’s it for now. Take care.

Until next time,

Andrew Bond

My view on the year 2017

Hello again. As I am still working on the same job that I had mentioned in a previous post, I have been thinking about some things in my life. I will say that I have experienced more than I had expected, but that is how we grow as far as I know as a person. To keep it short, I will give you my 17 goals for next year, not in any particular order. The reason that I’m doing this is to make myself be accountable for everything that I do in my life now. I am also doing some of these things to get myself to open up to some new ideas. By the way, some of these may be specifics, but I can be detailed sometimes.

  1. Get back in school for my information technology – data analytics degree from Southern New Hampshire
  2. Get my own apartment or house to rent around the 4th of July
  3. Have a “home-made” computer network for practice in I.T.
  4. Rebuild one of my old laptops to relearn about refurbishing computers
  5. Learn how to cook for a healthier lifestyle
  6. Meet more people to learn more ideas and about myself
  7. Visit new places and old places to learn about them
  8. Improve my French and Spanish communication
  9. Have a business wardrobe of clothes where I can have a set number of ties (32) and shirts (6) for long term and for travel
  10. Have one phone number with a “dumb phone” (flip phone) and another phone number with a smart phone
  11. Visit and remain in constant contact (within reason) with old friends from my past
  12. Play tennis again since my mid-20’s
  13. Learn some form of martial arts
  14. Learn different ways to reorganize things and in my life
  15. Read more news and books
  16. Listen to the radio for allowing me to visualize everything
  17. Learn how to keep things simple and when to know to make them more complicated

Well, that is it for 2016. I will be waiting for you in 2017. Take care, and keep in touch.


Andrew Bond

My view on my future goals

Hello again. It has been several months since I have written my last blog post, but I have been transitioning into another chapter of my life. I have a new job in metropolitan Atlanta where I work with computers; however, it is not the specific job that I wanted, but it’s a start. So far, that job is going okay as I have been there since my last blog post. Now, I have Labor Day off, so that I can rethink about a few things and reorganize certain things. What do I mean? I mean that I need to think more as to what I really want in the long run and to what I need to do to get the things done that I want. Given my life experiences with people and working, I have a much better idea. I have to take into account several factors, and I don’t necessarily have a choice for some of those factors, which I won’t mention here.

Looking more closely in my own life, I have to say that I am working on getting my own place since I am currently living with a relative. How am I resolving that? First, I will get a professional mail box within metropolitan Atlanta where I can start to get my mail at my own “place.” Second, once I save up enough money, I will get my own place. I would prefer to rent a house, but I will rent an apartment if I feel forced in that direction. Of course, I will have to look into details as to places where I would like to live. Yes, I have to take into account people, the surrounding stores that interest me, and the main question as to decide whether I can see myself live there for a long period of time; I have grown tired of being nomadic. My target date for that will be on 1 January 2017.

On the professional side of my life, I want to work in education again, but this time, not as an instructor. I will only consider the college scene since I have realized that I can work with mainly adults. After more than two years teaching kids, I realize now that I am not comfortable doing that on a full-time basis and that I will “rock the boat” unnecessarily to help kids learn. I will still tutor math, but I will do that privately for all age groups. Additionally, I plan to stay at my current job on a part-time basis unless I can feel that I can grow there and get into the department where I want to be ultimately. I am still at other available options as always, but I have learned that I will not let anyone stand in my way although I am already aware that I am responsible for my own success.

While interacting with people, I can do that within the work place without any problems since I view people in the workforce based on their ranks (to a degree), and I will always treat people respectfully unless I have been provided a legitimate and conclusively verified reason to do otherwise. I don’t care what gender or race the people are with whom I work while I’m there. Now, back to interacting with others more towards my personal life, I have to say that I have been able to speak to various types of people, and believe it or not, my current job has helped me more with that. However, the dating scene is a different story; I will never date anyone from the workplace as that has been a rule I had placed on myself. Now, I do go to social events occasionally in metropolitan Atlanta that has helped me relearn how to interact with others face-to-face. That is something that I have noticed about half of the people today lack since they interact over the phone and computers mostly.

In closing, what I will say is this. I have to work on my future a bit more every day where I hope to be able to accomplish all of my goals. Although I have not met all of them, I will say that I have learned how to balance out my life between business and fun; it’s easier said that done, but I know that I have been working on that with other things in my life. I hope that you enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Take care.

Until next time,

Andrew Bond

My expanded view on expectations

Hello again. If you were wondering, as you have guessed, I have been very busy in my real life while making several needed adjustments. Now, I have to say that I am in a new area learning about it as much as possible and to know how to make it as productive as possible. To specify, I have learned as to where and when to go to certain places and where and what to avoid. I have also been learning how to manage my time much better than I had in the past; believe it or not, some people still have time management issues whether they want to admit it or not. On a somewhat unrelated note, due to the hearing of the Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter Prince, I have decided to write about this topic today in a different view from the original view than I had originally planned.

Looking at what I have learned about myself, I am one of those people who needs to keep busy during a certain time frame. That means that I need to be involved in something so that I can learn about myself as much as possible; that would help me understand what I can do, where I can improve, and what things I need to leave behind me. It is a continuous (really, lifelong) process because of changes made (whether or not I like them) in my life. I like to plan out things in a way that would be the most productive to me in my life. However, there are times that I have to adjust to other factors (like people) when it is absolutely necessary. To clarify, for myself, I have always used details in whatever I do; sometimes, they work, but there are times that these details do not help. Now, if that plan does not work, I make myself to have at least one backup or alternative plan with maybe a backup plan to that. To those who know me reasonably well enough in my real life, this should not be a surprise you that I actually do this.

Another thing that I have learned again is that I have to temper expectations and take into account of everything ranging from my surroundings with people and accessibility to certain things. I understand that things don’t go my way as I had expected them, but I do make myself to understand what I can do to improve myself and what not to do ever again. Concerning material things, I have learned what I like and keep them as long as possible in working and usable condition and not to touch anything that I don’t need and avoid things that I wouldn’t use. For example, I have to confess that I use flip phones as my cell phone with a smartphone as my work phone; I have bought enough where I can treat them as spares if I need to change out a malfunctioning flip phone. The only rule that I have placed on my smartphone is that only work-related stuff is to be used on it; the only exception that I use the smartphone outside of work purposes is if there was an unavoidable emergency.

The last thing that I have to mention, which is something Prince did in his life, was that I have to take more accountability for myself. I do that already, but I need to do it more often to the point where I can control my life that would suit me the best. Concerning Prince, to my understanding, he took control of his music where he owned and made those pay for it if they wanted to listen to it and use it. I commend him for that now and always will in the future. I had also learned that Prince maintained his own image by keeping control on everything that he owned as much as possible; he may had to involve the legal system sometimes, but still, he did it until his death.

In closing, to be brief, I have the knowledge now as to how to reach certain expectations. What I do know is that I have the ideas as to what to do, but I just need to be in an environment with people who have a similar mindset. However, ultimately, it will be up to me and only me because no one can reach those expectations for me.

Until next time,

Andrew Bond